Never Be Afraid To Ask For Help

NHS offers tutoring for students struggling with their academics.


Amanya Gonzales, Editor-in-Chief

With more than a handful of students either struggling in or failing one or more of their classes, Elkhart’s National Honor Society is again providing tutoring for students in need. These students recognize that they have begun to fall further and further behind. Their teachers have, too. With this in mind, many teachers are inviting their students to take advantage of the NHS tutoring opportunities available to them. There are various places where these tutoring sessions occur; some include the following: the Media Center (library), some Advisory classes, and also at a few local libraries.

Many of these students have already begun to take advantage of this opportunity and have been signing up left and right. The majority of them meet with their tutors in The Idea Box–an area within the Media Center–to study an array of subjects from math to French. There are sign up sheets offered with both the names of the tutors and the subjects they teach to make the pairing easier for all concerned. In fact, so many tutors have signed up that the sheet is full of tutors from now up until late November!

Jai’Lin Parker, a senior, believes this:” Tutoring is so beneficial for many students who are having a hard time in certain classes. This is an amazing opportunity for students who need extra help,” she explains, “and the NHS is more than happy to help!”  Additionally, many teachers have been offering spots for NHS tutors to help their Advisory students one-on-one. These students will have the benefit of staying in their Advisory while getting help in the subjects of their need. The results are starting to pay off, as well, as these students have seen an increase in their academic performance, and have begun to seek out even more help. It’s not too late to take advantage of this, either. There are sign up sheets offered to all students in need of tutoring. They can be accessed through students’ School of Study.

One of the pillars of NHS is Service; Elkhart High’s tutors have begun to give back to those in need and have seen the positive impact that peer tutoring has on several students in need. It goes without saying, don’t be afraid to ask for help!