Fall Fest At The Farm!


Olivia Miller, Staff Writer

Fall. Festivals. Farms. It is the this season’s trifecta.

As the weather cools down and the sun sets sooner, the leaves change colors and fall activities begin. This weekend, Elkhart has one of the very first fall events happening for Elkhart Community Schools–The Fall Festival at the Farm!

It will be take place on Oct. 16–this Saturday–at ACCELL (Agriculture Community Center and Environmental Learning Center). The school farm is located at 51242 Ash Road in Granger. The Future Farmers of America– or, FFA–members have a host of activities planned for the community. According to Vice President Alexis King, “We have wanted to do this event for two years but have always had a roadblock. And,” this junior at EHS adds, “we are excited to give back this year when we need it most.” The FFA planned this event to give back to the community in both time and money. All profits from this event will go to the community food pantry and Seed to Feed through Church Community Services. 

Local food trucks will be available all day and have everything from gluten free cookies to hotdogs to satisfy hunger festival goers. In the morning from 10 a.m.-3 p.m., kids ages 12 and under will receive tickets for some free as well as paid events. In the evening, from 7-10 p.m., teens aging from 13 and up will have the chance to experience the haunted woods for $5 and also have their face painted with glow in the dark paint for $4. This is a cash only event; so, plan accordingly. Senior FFA member John Santos adds, “We are trying to make it as scary as possible and bring the Halloween spirit to Fall Fest and to the people, because who doesn’t like a good scare!” 

Advisors Ms. Brenda Mueller and Ms. Ashley Robertson indicate that they are still taking volunteers to help with the morning and evening event, as coordinators, zombies and scarers for the haunted woods. Those interested can sign up outside of A-222.