November: 31 Days To Celebrate…Something!

Mix it up a bit by choosing your favorite days in November as an excuse to celebrate.


Haley Masten, Staff Writer

Thanksgiving, turkeys, colorful leaves, stuffing, crisp fall air– that’s what most people think of with November. But, November offers so much more than that.

There are thirty days in November, and each is recognized in its own special way. “When I think of November, the first thing I think of is Thanksgiving,” Mallory Kheune exclaims. While Thanksgiving usually gets top billing, listed below are a few of the 31 that go virtually unknown.

  • Starting out with Nov. 1 is National Author’s Day. National Author’s Day is used to acknowledge every author around the world.
  • Nov.3 is National Sandwich Day, so pack your sandwich for lunch!
  • Then coming up on Nov.4 is National Candy Day. Use this as an excuse to eat the rest of the Halloween candy.
  • Nov.5 is National Donut Day. Go get one from a local Krispy Kreme, Rise n’ Roll, or maybe just from Martin’s.
  • Nov. 6 is National Nachos Day, so load up the chips with cheese, meat, jalapeños, or whatever sounds good.
  • Having a rough day? Don’t worry. Nov.7 is National Hug a Bear Day!
  • Fast-forwarding, Nov. 17 is National Take a Hike Day, so put on some running shoes and go for a nice walk with a friend.
  • One can’t forget about Nov. 25, the national holiday of Thanksgiving.
  • But, coming up right after that is Nov.29, National Chocolates Day. Go buy some chocolate and binge the best movies and shows.

A person doesn’t have to participate in each to fully enjoy all that November has to offer. However, selecting just a few to share with family and friends will give a body something to look forward to. So, read a book on Nov. 1, have a nacho eating contest on Nov. 6, or enjoy a brisk walk on Nov. 17–no matter which day, celebrate it with purpose.