Ending Season on a High Note

Ending Season on a High Note

Amanya Gonzales, Writer

   Never say good-bye, because saying good-bye means going away, and going away means forgetting.—Robin Williams.

The Blazer Brigade is marching once and for all into that gentle, good night. The last show of Central’s marching band is by far the most unique. Dubbed One of a Kind, it is a tribute to the famed comedian Robin Williams.

In the past, the Blazer Brigade has put on tremendous shows, but this year’s takes the cake, according to its members—many of whom feel that there will forever be a strong and lasting connection between them and the show. Ethan Bowlby, 10, expresses it this way: “Last year’s show was more straightforward and very bland, whereas this year’s show has more depth and is far easier for us to connect to the show.”

   The show is a nod to Robin Williams and highlights his career. Williams suffered from depression in his life and, as a result of this, took his back in 2014. Although, he could not find peace, he helped many others smile throughout their childhood. Whether it was playing Mrs. Doubtfire or the beloved Genie from Aladdin, one thing is for sure: He was always able to make people smile.

The Brigade can be said to do the same thing. They constantly push themselves through snow, cold, and uncomfortable situations. What remains constant, however, is their determination to perform to the best of their abilities. This pushes them to keep going through every competition and game.

What is more, their determination earned them a spot at the  ISSMA Semi-State competition Nov. 2. Despite not making it all the way to State, Dominic Muncie,10,holds the belief that  “this season was very great. At Semi-State, we performed so well, and there is nothing we could have done better. I am happy that we are sending off our seniors with such an amazing show.”

As their season comes to its conclusion, it’s not “good-bye” to the Blazers, but a “hello” to the future. Drum major Angel Olvera, 12, chants: “Once a Blazer, always a Blazer!” The members will always hold a special part for the Brigade in their hearts. Thus, their memories will remain One of a Kind.