Second Semester Options at Elkhart High

Virtual and hybrid options continue for Elkhart students after January 15th.

Second Semester Options at Elkhart High

Dylan Gamble, Staff Writer

During the second semester of school, students will have a choice of doing hybrid learning or virtual learning Some will find it easier to choose hybrid learning and go to school for 2 days and e-learn for the other 3, while some will find it easier to choose virtual learning and stay home, do their work, and be done for the day. The semester, though, is very different from a typical semester: it is a mini semester. A mini semester (or minimester) is only 9 weeks and not the usual length of 19-20, so teachers have to try and condense all the instruction into a half the amount of time. After the first semester, teachers and students have learned how to navigate this new world of hybrid and virtual learning, so this semester should be easier.

If you choose to do virtual learning, you will have your usual four classes and simply attend Google Meets with your teacher at a certain time (just like a class). Teachers are very different in their approach to virtual instruction. Some teachers will teach and  interact with the students for a good part of the Google Meet, while others meet for a short time and go over the assignment you will work on on your own. Virtual learning at home might be less of a learning experience than in-school instruction, and it does have its flaws. Students are at home so they might feel less motivated to make the Google Meets everyday or even do their work, since they are not in the working environment of a classroom. However, with Elkhart Community Schools continuing to offer virtual learning, students, and parents, still have an option that works best for their household during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hybrid learning, on the other hand, allows you to go to school for two days out of the week and then e-learn for the other three. In those two days you are able to see your teachers in person so they can help you with anything hands-on. For many, in-class instruction has been shown as a more effective way to learn. The hybrid learning option also lessens how many students are in the school at one time, making social distancing easier. 

So whatever you choose, whether it be hybrid or e-learning, it will affect the rest of your school year. There will be challenges with either choice, but teachers and students are doing a good job at helping each other with the problems and issues that are an unfortunate part of both virtual and hybrid learning. For instance, communication has never been this important as it was during the Fall Semester.  Many of the aspects of school have changed. Understanding each other and how your teacher instructs while you are at home, whether virtually or on the e-learning days of hybrid instruction, is very important. Once you have it figured out, both virtual and hybrid school should be easier next semester. And on the bright side, all students only have four classes at the most to worry about and not the regular eight.

Now that both campuses of Elkhart High will move to virtual instruction until January 15th, 2021, Many will get to experience both hybrid and virtual learning.