What is EMHS doing for our seniors?

Throughout Michiana teachers, principals, and school corporations are going out of their way to celebrate all of their seniors, but what about EMHS?


Julie Ivory

Senior, Jahlea Douglas, poses with her photo book and senior flag purchased by her adopted senior. Adopt a senior is a facebook group that many schools have created to recognize seniors.

Jahlea Douglas, Editor-in-chief

Throughout these last few weeks, if one turns on the news, they will hear something about celebrating the class of 2020. It is nice to see how people are going out of their way to make seniors feel special during this time. 

But what is even more nice is to see school corporations around Michiana and even principals going out of their way to make each and every senior feel special in some way.

Riley High School principal, Shawn Henderson, went to every single senior’s house and put a sign in their yard and yelled into a megaphone about how proud he was of them. This small gesture did not have to happen, but it did and that is what matters. Principal Henderson was even recognized on the Wendy Williams show for his generosity. 

Clay High School parents and teachers raised money to have each and every one of their seniors recognized on a billboard in South Bend. 

Jimtown High School, Penn High School, St. Joseph High School, and probably many more are putting signs in the yards of seniors for free, recognizing seniors and their accomplishments.

All of these small voluntary gestures are lighting up the faces of seniors across Michiana. And then we sit back and think: What is Elkhart Community Schools doing for their seniors? 

Saturday, May 16, this past weekend, was supposed to be prom weekend. It was a beautiful day. It would have been a perfect day for prom. I was happy to see teachers Jeff Miller and Julie Tyrakowski out and about with their prom committee surprising students at their homes and awarding them with titles such as Best Dressed, Best Couple, and Prom Court. 

As the recipient of the Best Hair award, it made my day to know that my teachers and friends were thinking about me and that they wanted to give me a little extra boost during this time. 

We are the LAST graduating class of Elkhart Memorial, and I want EVERY senior to feel what I felt yesterday. So, Elkhart Memorial teachers, staff, administrators, this is my challenge for you: What can you do to make the last graduating class of Elkhart Memorial feel like they still matter during this time?

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