Life as an SRO Is So, So, Sweet!


Bianca Morales, Writer

Cody Skipper wears a badge of distinction.

In the 11 years and over 700 calls that Cody Skipper has been on the Elkhart Police Department, he’s seen a lot of “crazy” things: active shootings, suicides, counterfeiting cases—you name it. “One time I arrested a man who was claiming to be Jesus Christ, the son of man,” Skipper began. “No, that is not a crime,” he continued, “but he had prescription medication on him which did not belong to him.”

“Skip,” as he is affectionately known, ,also recalled how true a statement was that he was told in training: “They say an officer will see more destruction, chaos, disorder and mayhem in the first year of police work than most people see in a lifetime.” One of the most traumatic for him personally was the 2014 shooting spree at Martin’s Supermarket, where a male took the lives of two innocent people. Skipper was among those first on the horrific scene.

Life for him at Central is a bit calmer, to say the least. Although only in his second year here as the School Resource Officer, Skipper is no stranger to working in the school system. For seven years, he split his time between both Central and Pierre Moran, making the Class of 2019 his first group to “graduate.” “I knew those kids since they were in 7th grade,” he proudly states. They’ve become more like family. Thus, it is important to Skipper that people see him as more than just a cop. “Yes, I am a Police Officer, but I am also a person. I mean, I am a husband, a father, a son, an uncle, a brother and friend—and I like to keep it 100%…PERIOD!” he declares.

Reflecting back, it is clear that Skipper’s entire life has been spent serving and protecting others both here and abroad. In fact, Skipper joined the Marine Corps in 2001 and completed his four-year stint with his brothers-in-arms. “I circumnavigated the globe by the time I was 22 years old and lead Marines into the combat zone of Iraq,” he humbly states.

Now, 2019, Skipper has a family on his own and stays a bit closer to home. Yet, his work here is just a small facet of what most see. When not working one of his five part-time jobs, Skipper is out golfing, hunting, or fishing. But, the perfect vacation for him is definitely a trip to Disney World with his wife and two kids.

Compared to his other jobs, though, serving as Central’s SRO is like savoring his favorite donut—a cream-filled Long John with maple frosting. In other words, life is sweet.