Why I love volunteering at Loveway


Jahlea Douglas

Senior Rayna Minix is the Entertainment Editor for Elkhart Memorial GENESIS. She specializes in movie reviews and opinion columns.

Rayna Minix, Entertainment Editor

Back in the fall of 2018, I was in the process of looking for a part time job. I happened upon the website of an organization called Loveway, Inc. I realized that this was not a job but a volunteer opportunity. Regardless, I was hooked. 

Loveway is a social service organization that uses therapeutic horses for children with disabilities. They teach them how to ride and care for horses. They also teach them motor skills and social skills. There are so many added benefits that come along with the classes. 

Starting out, I was very nervous, unsure of what I had gotten myself into. It didn’t take long for those feelings to pass though. I was paired with a young boy who made all the difference for me. He welcomed me with open arms, as did the staff and parents.

It is not often that you feel the way you do when you’re helping children. It was as if I could see the impact I was having in real time.

I have never had another experience quite like the one that I have had at Loveway. Every single week, I look forward to going and seeing my buddy and all of the horses and the smiling faces of the staff and volunteers. Every week it’s a chance to brighten someone’s day. To make an impact on a child. There has never been a doubt in my mind that I was supposed to happen upon the website. 

It is not a walk in the park, though. Volunteering at a place like this requires responsibility and dependability. There will be times when you are in charge of a child’s safety, which is not something to take lightly. 

Loveway is always looking for more volunteers, and no experience is necessary. There are also areas to help that don’t deal with horses or children, such as maintenance, office work, photography, special events and donations. If any of this sounds like something you would be interested in, it is very easy to sign up. Below is a link for new volunteers to sign up.


Simply click “Fill in an application” and follow the steps, you won’t regret it!

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