Musician of the Week: Jessica Dibley


Photo submitted by Jessica Dibley

Junior Jessica Dibley smiles in her Madrigal costume, on Saturday, Dec. 7, 2019. Dibley is our musician of the week.

Jahlea Douglas, Editor-in-chief

Junior Jessica Dibley comes from a family of singers and her passion for the art keeps her busy as a member of Gold Rush and Chamber Choir. Read below to find out more about Jessica and check out a video of her singing.

GENESIS: I know that a few of your siblings can sing. Can everyone sing in your family? If so, why is singing so prevalent in your family?

Jessica Dibley: Almost everyone in my family sings. My parents have always encouraged us to sing, and it’s just always been something that we all enjoy doing together. 

G: Why do you have such a passion for singing? And what sparked your passion for it?

JD: I’ve always enjoyed singing, it’s just kind of a way for me to express myself, and I like pushing myself to do better. Seeing my older sisters excel in singing inspired me to be like them. 

G: What types of choir groups are you involved in at school? Which group is your favorite and why?

JD: At school I’m involved in Gold Rush and Chamber choir, they’re the top two choirs at Memorial. Gold rush is my favorite group because we are a smaller group and we are closer as a group. 

G: Do you have any other musical talents besides singing?

JD: Other than singing, I taught myself to play the ukulele and the piano.

G: Outside of normal choir songs, what songs do you like to sing in your free time?

JD: Outside of normal choir songs, I enjoy singing pop songs.