Have no fear…of the better

Don’t think of the transition to college as scary–think of it as an opportunity.


Jahlea Douglas

Senior Kailey Blazier is the opinion editor for Elkhart Memorial GENESIS who specializes in opinion writing.

Kailey Blazier, Opinion Editor

Change is terrifying. I mean, imagine doing something and having no real knowledge of what the outcome will be. That is scary!

For me, college is something that falls under the category of terrifying change. Moving away from my parents and inching closer towards independence sounds like an altered episode of “Naked and Afraid.” 

But in reality, this huge change is a life altering experience that should never be passed up. 

In college, people make new friends, learn more about themselves, and even try new things. Many people call college the best time of their life.

Think about that! We are terrified of the best time of our life. 

From the start, you are assigned a friend (your roommate). How great is that!? 

Then within the first week or so, there are events planned specifically  for the freshmen to get used to their new environment. This stands as a great opportunity for meeting new people. 

Moving on from your high school friend group and meeting new friends is not a bad thing. It is a great opportunity. 

“I mean the first couple of days are kinda awkward because you seriously don’t know anybody,” EMHS alum and University of Indianapolis freshman Brian Ketchum said, “but once you get to know people, it’s awesome.”

College does not have to be scary, it is just new. 

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