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Eight Miles and Five Stars

Everybody knows the name Eminem, but do you know his story?


Jahlea Douglas

Senior Rayna Minix is the Entertainment Editor for Elkhart Memorial GENESIS. She specializes in movie reviews and opinion columns.

Rayna Minix, Staff Writer

As an avid movie watcher and a huge fan of Eminem, I find it borderline embarrassing that this weekend was the first time I had seen the 2002 American drama film “8 Mile.”

Aside from the fact that I am late to the game, and there is a good possibility that you have already seen it, this movie was nothing short of cinematic excellence. 

“8 Mile” documents the career launch of one of the most famous rappers of the late 90’s to early 2000’s: Eminem, better known in the movie as B-Rabbit or Jimmy Smith Jr. Growing up as a white kid in Detroit, desperately trying to make it into the music industry, Smith struggles to find his place in a genre dominated mostly by African Americans. 

Facing challenges at home, within relationships, with family, and friendships, Smith gains a clearer and more developed view of the world and his part in it.

Thanks to the soundtrack and the dark, urban setting, the tone of this film perfectly matches the storyline. Additionally, the absolute raw and uncensored emotion that comes from the sultry love scenes and intense rap battles make this movie come to life. Maybe it is just a “me thing,” but when I was watching it, I struggled to separate the movie from reality. But, don’t get me wrong, that is one of the top tier feelings a movie should invoke. 

Furthermore, it depicts a race issue that is not regularly portrayed on the big screen. In a predominantly black community and music scene, Smith faces major backlash for being white. Smith draws on this controversy and uses it numerous times in his raps, acknowledging the fact that he is set apart, yet not letting that factor determine what he can accomplish.

If you are looking for a movie with a personal feel and want to be able to walk away feeling content, watch (or rewatch) “8 Mile.” You will laugh, you will cry, you will holler at the insane rhymes this man can freestyle. All in all, a great movie.

The views in this column do not necessarily reflect the views of the GENESIS staff. Email Rayna Minix at [email protected].

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Rayna Minix, Entertainment Editor

Hello, my name is Rayna Minix.  I am currently a senior and the Entertainment Editor for GENESIS.  I also take on the role as Co-Editor-in-chief of the...

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Eight Miles and Five Stars