Vaping check-in: Teachers are you educated?

Teachers need to be educated on vapes in order to keep our student body safe


Photo by Kailey Blazier

Junior Jahlea Douglas is co Editor-in-chief and has been a part of staff for three years.

Jahlea Douglas, Editor-in-chief

The dangers of using an e-cigarette, otherwise known as a vape, have been plastered everywhere in attempt to prevent students from harming their bodies.

Yet, teenagers still decide to use these vaping devices, and to make matters worse, they use them in school. So now students are harming their bodies inhaling toxic chemicals, and blowing these chemicals out for their peers to potentially inhale. And there is no one stopping these students.

After GENESIS wrote the February feature on vaping in hopes of informing teachers about this growing issue, SRO Presswood sent a message and a video to teachers about vaping.

TEACHERS: Did you watch it? If not, go back through your email and watch it.

Teachers and staff need to realize the dangers of vapes and enforce the fact that these e-cigarette devices are not allowed on school property.

Since vaping has become so popular among teenagers in the past few years, it is all new, which then creates problems, especially in schools. At this time, no rules have been set in place specifically for vaping because it was never an issue; teens were not addicted to them in the past.

Sure, tobacco products and smoking were illegal on campus and still are, but our teachers and staff members are not educated about e-cigarette devices, so they are not sure what to do about them.

Instead of confiscating these devices and/or telling students to go down to the office, teachers are just telling students to put them away (if they even see them) because they are just not sure what the policy is and if they are allowed on school campus.

Our teachers need to be more educated about what our school policies are on e-cigarettes.

In our school planner that every student receives at the beginning of the school year, it does not state anything specifically about e-cigarettes.

It states: Possession or use of tobacco in any form; possession, use, or under the influence of alcohol; or possession, use, under the influence, or transmission of any controlled substance or substance represented as a controlled substance, or paraphernalia for the use of such substance is against school policy.

Yes, e-cigarettes are a tobacco product, but not everyone knows this because what happens if a student has a vape but the juice in it has no nicotine, then what?

There are so many “what if’s” and unknowns about these products that it leads to miscommunication in our school which in the end could be dangerous and harmful for our student body.

Our teachers need to have easy access to resources that can educate them about e-cigarettes. Once they are educated, everyone will be on the same page so that they can create a safe environment for our students, teachers and staff members.

The views in this article do not necessarily reflect the views of the GENESIS staff. Email Jahlea Douglas at [email protected]