A Monologue Of Life’s Lessons

Elkhart East To Perform “One Elkhart; Different Together” in November


Taylor Malicki, Writer

Coming to Elkhart High School East, this fall: One Elkhart; Different Together, a collection of true-story monologues and life lessons centering on the people of Elkhart.

Student performers will be sharing stories—and experiences—on topics that they believe have not been given a voice: racism, homophobia, Black Lives Matter, body positivity, stereotyping, transgender, and many more!

Being in high school, always being surrounded by an abundance of different people, one can easily be misunderstood, judged or even outspoken, states director Kristin Baker. Looking at the bigger picture, these students are sharing their personal experiences, and will really shed light on what’s really going on in students’ lives.

“With Covid-19 going on, it’s really different. Instead of doing four days a week, we have after-school rehearsals, and we meet half an hour once a week on Google Meet,” voiced Carlee Munson, 12. “I’m also excited because it’s a play about everyone’s stories for people to hear. I was reading through some of them, and they were really nice,” she adds.

While being in the midst of the pandemic, a lot of people may have concerns of how they may be putting on this play. Mrs. Baker assures all that only one person will be on stage at a time. “Luckily with the format of monologue stories, it meets COVID regulations,” Mrs. Baker clarifies. “Students will walk on stage with their masks and, while telling their story, they may take their mask off. They’ll be safe the whole time!” She also goes on to say “Even though we have to be distant with our bodies, we can still be connected in our minds and hearts!”

The play takes place Nov. 6-7 at 7 p.m., and on Nov. 8, at 2 p.m. It will be held at the EHS East Auditorium with a $5 admission. Mask and social distancing will be enforced, with a limit of 250 people in the audience.