Devon Billings: From Senior To Sailor


Jamisen Halverson, Writer

Seniors are doing amazing things.

Among them is Devon Billings, who has chosen to go into the Navy because he’s “always wanted to have an adrenaline-rushing job” where he could never get bored. “I’ve never wanted to be in an office job!” he admits. Thus, at the moment, his plan is to spend his whole career in the Navy.

While there, Billings also plans to study Criminal Justice through the Naval Program. But, that is not what draws him to this branch of the military. As he explains, “I am super excited about flying on helicopters and being on aircraft carriers. I love boats; the bigger the better!”

However, there is one thing that does make Billings a bit nervous: the living conditions on the boat. “There’s a lot of small spaces and sleeping in small corridors,” he stated, “and the boat is constantly rocking.” Pausing for a moment, he added, “Let’s not talk about the storms!”

Billings’ love for the water stems back to his childhood, being on boats and fishing. Being in the Navy will take that love to new heights. “I can’t wait to be in the middle of the ocean!” he exclaimed. “There’s just so many interesting things in our oceans.”

Billings noted that some of his friends from school are in the same delayed entry program as he is: Chase Shank, Garret Culp, and Juan Cepero. And, while Billings will be proud to serve his country with these few brave men, there is one far greater he hopes to please: his father—now deceased, who served in the Army as a Green Beret and even fought in the Vietnam War.

Central salutes Devon Billings and all those who choose to serve and protect this country.