Rage Rooms: All The “Rage”!


Alayna Robertson, Staff Writer

Rage Rooms seem to be all the rage right now! Since originating in Japan in 2008, the popularity of these rooms is gaining steam; 15 years later, Rage Rooms can now be found in countries like Argentina, Serbia, the United Kingdom, and, yes…the United States.

In essence, Rage Rooms are places to alleviate stress by breaking or smashing of items within the confines of this safe place. Although not always, objects that are usually provided to smash are such things as cups, plates, laptops, TVs, and printers. However, if a person has “special” items from an “ex” that he or she wants to destroy, most Rage Rooms allow for these, as well. Those who partake in Rage Rooms are often required to sign a liability waiver and wear both gloves and protective goggles to prevent unnecessary injuries. Although Rage Rooms are considered to be a really healthy way to deal with ordinary stress, they can be unhealthy to participate in as a form of anger management. Smashing and breaking objects that found in the rooms can actually make those with anger management issues angrier–feeding the condition, rather than reducing it.

Senior Mia Austin thinks that a Rage Room could actually be beneficial to her. “I think that it would be a great stress reliever for me,” expresses Austin. “It would be better than letting all of my stress turn into anger.” Austin also states that while in a Rage Room, she would think about whatever it was that was causing difficulty that day. Sophomore McKenzie Smith would have a similar purpose in a Rage Room as Austin. “I would think about all of the stuff that’s going on in my life and try to break the hardest thing in the room,” shares Smith. “I would try not to get too carried away, but I for sure would break a lot of stuff.” 

Letting anxiety and stress out in a healthy way has numerous benefits to one’s well-being. And, while stress is a big emotion that pretty much everyone deals with, participating in a Rage Room could be a healthy way to relieve that stress!

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