Rise And Shine For Friday’s Senior Sunrise 2022


Nerlyn Martinez-Esqueda, Editor

Senior year can be very overwhelming. The daily question of “What are your plans for after graduation?” seems to naggingly loom over everything. Then, there’s the stress of whether the number of credits one has acquired to graduate is accurate. Did I miss a class? Did I count them right? What happens if I didn’t!  Let’s not even mention the panic of having to figure out  now what the next five years after graduation look like!

However, this is also the time to make goals, go out with friends, and experience new things.

Here are a few reminders for seniors to make this year easier. Today, juniors and seniors will be attending a college fair, designed to allow students the opportunity to inquire about the colleges of their choice. Also this week–Sept. 26-30–many in-state college applications are FREE. There are still several more days to take advantage of this opportunity; it could help save a lot of money.

Those wanting to explore college and careers further further can also sign up on SCOIR. It is extremely user friendly, helping students through the application and research that comes during this time. SAT testing dates are approaching fast, and signing up is a must if retaking them. Check student announcements for further information.

Counselors recently visited all English classes to discuss important dates and information regarding this year. Here is a refresher on things that are approaching. FAFSA opens Oct.1 and College Early Admission Applications are due Nov.1. Common App provides seniors with the ability to set up a profile, allowing the process to go faster. These applications can be time consuming, do not wait until the last day!

Although this may all seem like a lot of information, the school offers help if needed. Seniors are encouraged to take advantage of this Friday’s (Sept. 30) Senior Sunrise 2022 hosted at the Charger Field. Gates open at 7:15 a.m. Students will be treated to donuts and door prizes. Not only is this a great time to socialize with peers, but there will also be counselors and principals available to ask questions or discuss any information.

On Oct. 25, the first senior meeting will be hosted during 4th period to discuss Commencement. Check student announcements for further information.

Go class of 2023!