Crossing The Pond To Experience England


Angelina Simmons, Staff Writer

Want to get out of Elkhart for a few weeks?

Mrs. Janice Elli, an English Language Arts teacher at Elkhart High School, is taking a group of students on a week-long excursion to England. Sophomore Nili Patel is among them. She is looking forward to “seeing the different styles of architectures” they have in England. “It’s probably different from America,” Patel states, “and I love to see what other countries’ norms are.” Patel adds, “Also–the Jack the Ripper tour! I’m really looking forward to it!”

England is full of  both historical and cultural sites to see and places to explore–from the Big Ben to the true “Platform 9 3/4” that Harry Potter fans have come to adore.  Visiting the historical Tower of London and watching the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace can make this adventure a dream come true.

People have many reasons to go on a trip like this, but for Patel, the reason was simple: “It wasn’t really planned that I’d go on the trip, but I was talking with my mother and telling her about the trips our schools were doing; then, she asked if I would like to go on one.” Patel recalls, “I was shocked. She really encourages me to go on the trip because she knows that, as a family, we can’t travel out of the country too much, and she knows that I love traveling!” 

This trip does provide many opportunities for those who cannot travel or rarely get to. Some families don’t always get to experience the joy of seeing a whole new place, even if it can sometimes be a little scary. Although the nerves don’t seem to be getting to Patel, is getting more anxious by the minute. “I’m not really nervous,” she confides. “I love to travel, and when I found out they were doing trips out of the country, I just didn’t know which one to pick! Then, finally, I came to a decision–which was no other than the England trip!”

This trip is a great opportunity to get to discover places students  haven’t even thought about and see landmarks they never thought they would see. It is especially special for people who haven’t been to Europe before. Patel gushes: “I’m very excited for this trip! I’ve never been to any European country, so it would be my first time there!”