EHS Is Positively On The Right Track!


Salah Ali, Staff Writer

Everyone needs a little bit of kindness.

Sometimes, life might be a little rough: Something bad could have happened–or maybe it’s just not a good day entirely. On these occasions, sometimes all a person needs is an act of kindness towards them. Fortunately, there is a new location on Elkhart High School’s campus that has popped up to do just that: The Positivity Board!

This bulletin board area, which many students may have explored already, is present in the Student Center. However, similar boards can also be seen present in both the ETI building and the HPS portion of the Career Center. If happening to pass by any of these bulletins, feel free to leave a kind message for anyone to glance at walking by. It does not need to be directed toward a particular person; however, the content needs to be uplifting to anyone reading it.

Many are already enjoying the presence of the positivity board, with people like Ruby Guevara, a sophomore, commenting that “it’s a good thing!” To thank for this amazing new adaptation to the school, look no further than those a part of NHS, with senior Jessica Dibley taking on more of a leading role in the project.

Others, just like Guevara, also had positive things to say about…well, the positivity board! Junior Angel Moore, for instance, said that she also thought the board was a much-needed project, furthermore stating, “I love the positivity board, because I love reading all the kind comments on display.” Sophomore Jaycea Stokes also exclaims, “I rate the positivity board a 10/10. It makes my day 100 percent better!”

Despite so many more like Guevara, Moore, and Stokes–who share the same opinion on the positivity board–there are still those in the school who have walked right by it without realizing it was even there. Dibley encourages all students to take a moment to read a comment or two–and possibly even leave one of their own. This way, hopefully, there will be a spread of positivity formulating throughout the school that will last long after the individuals who posted them have graduated.