All “Shook” Up On First Chapter Fridays


Angelina Simmons, Staff Writer

Calling all readers! 

Mrs. Colleen Shook is shaking things up in the library with an innovative program: First Chapter Fridays.

This program is intended for students who love to read but have trouble finding good books. Shook, the EHS librarian, wanted to resolve that issue. “I decided to start First Chapter Fridays as a way to engage readers remotely.” Shook continues, “Since I post the readings in the Library’s Canvas Course, students can hear me read the beginnings of books, even if they don’t have a chance to come into the library in person.” 

Listening to the first chapter of a book is a great way to judge a book by its contents and not by its cover. This provides the opportunity to read the rest of the book by checking it out at the library or waiting until next week’s reading to see if the next book may be more interesting. Each book read has received an Eliot Rosewater Book Award. The award is determined by students who participate in reading and then rating around 20 books. Whichever book is seen as the best by the students earns the award.

First chapter Fridays occurs, obviously, every Friday. Students can go onto the Canvas course to both find and listen to the first chapter of the book read by Shook. However, this program doesn’t just rely on the students who are interested; it also relies on the teachers. Teachers have a google form that can be used for feedback from students who have listened to the various chapters. They can also use the readings in their lessons, if they so choose.

Overall, it is a creative idea and a way for book lovers–and reluctant readers–to find their next book. Shook reminds all to at least check it out each Friday.  “I would love for a student who is interested in reading the rest of a book to come in and check it out!”