Hoping To Explode The Market: Pepsi Nitro


Abby Rauguth, Staff Writer

Pepsi launches a new and “explosive” marketing strategy–Pepsi Nitro

Nitrogen-infused drinks are becoming more and more popular, and now Pepsi has joined the trend. Many drinks–like coffee, tea, and especially alcoholic drinks–have been adding nitrogen to their recipes for years. And, some desserts even, like Dragon Breath (cereal dipped in liquid nitrogen), are capitalizing on people’s fascination with food chemistry.

Nitrogen is a gas that transforms and produces the drink with a rich, silky texture–complete with foam on top.  Pepsi’s new soda, aptly named Pepsi Nitro, will be released on Monday, March 28. This new drink will have a more soft and smooth taste, and the bubbles will be much smaller. It will come in two flavors: Draft Cola and Vanilla Draft Cola. Many have been anticipating the release of this new beverage and are extremely hyped about trying it. Among them is Cheyenne Bowe, a sophomore. “I’m excited for this…I will be buying it just to try it!” 

Some have been speculating that this new beverage will prove to be much more dessert-like, versus thirst-quenching and refreshing. The new smooth texture and smaller fizz is the implicator. Pepsi also offers advice on how this product is consumed differently than traditional canned soda pops. In fact, this drink is not meant to be drunk straight from the can. Pepsi clarifies that the Nitro is supposed to be served cold–and without ice. Consumers are to snap open the can and pour the beverage directly into a glass. For best enjoyment, Pepsi also instructs purchasers to not use a straw; instead, they should sip right from the glass! Bowe also admits her hope that this drink will truly be dessert-like. “It would be delicious–and definitely an interesting change!” 

Not only will this new beverage be an interesting experience for the customers,  but it is also an excellent publicity choice on Pepsi’s end. Many will simply be curious to try new products. However, this will likely also open doors to other competitors to release similar drinks, while trying to one-up this new release. Bowe agrees that this is a great publicity strategy.“You never know what will happen….”

Pepsi Nitro sales may explode on Monday…or they could fall flat and lose their fizz. Either way, Monday will be a bit sweeter as a result of something new on the market.