“We’re All In This Together!”


Adyan Al-Shamri, Staff Writer

Saying goodbye is never easy.

With not much time until winter break, the halfway point of the year is almost here. As freshmen to juniors are excited for the end of the school year being near, seniors are busy at work filling out college applications, ordering caps and gowns, and soaking in their last year of high school. For some this could be a bittersweet moment, while others might find it as pure relief.

All the seniors have created memories in high school from bad, to good, to even embarrassing. These memories can be their first day of school, making friends, and even just that one teacher they really like. Carrying these memories with them for the rest of their lives is what makes growing up a powerful thing. Elkhart High School senior Alvaro Martinez created some of his own memories and seems to be reluctant letting them go.”The environment of the school is probably what I will miss most. I was able to make many friends, learn, and grow as a person,” he confides. “High school was a big chapter in my life, and I have gained so much from it. It feels sad leaving.” Others, such as Elkhart High School senior Caroline Rutledge, have created memories based more on their accomplishments. “Accomplishments of mine include four years of band and marching band and being section leader this year. I also joined the National Honor Society,” Rutledge states. “But my biggest accomplishment is being the Wing Commander of the IN20162 AFJROTC program and earning the rank of Cadet Colonel–which is what I wanted to be since freshman year.”

It can be scary now having to plan for the future, but it can also be exciting to start something new. Seniors are now at the point where they are thinking about their future, what career they want to go into, and how they wish the rest of their lives to go. “I’m going to college, but I’m not sure where I’m going or what I want to study,” Rutledge admits. “If I don’t figure out exactly what I want to do, I’m probably going to go to Ivy Tech and get an associates in Business.” Some, like Martinez, have a longer timeline of their life planned out. “I am planning after graduation to major in business. I have a dream about opening my own business one day,” he states. “My business will hopefully be a cat cafe with school helping me achieve this dream.”

The great thing about growing up is even if it’s hard having to leave some memories behind, there are always more memories to create. Rutledge is excited for what is to come. “I look forward to living a happy life, not having to worry about standardized tests, meeting new people, and seeing where my life will take me.” Rutledge isn’t the only one excited about the future; Martinez also seems thrilled for what’s to come. “Being able to meet different people from across the world and create new experiences with them is something I highly look forward to. Growing up also comes with being independent,” he adds, “and I’m excited to see how things turn out for me in the future. Maybe one day I’ll succeed in my dreams in business one day and help others in need!”

With this being the last year of high school for seniors, they can be considered experts in high school. “To incoming seniors: Remember to have fun; don’t stress out too much,” Martinez advises. “Yes, school is about work, but it’s also about life experiences and growing as a person. So,” he continues, “make sure you do everything on time, and not do everything last minute!”

Becoming an adult can be exciting, but terrifying. Keeping people around who can help make the process to adulthood easier is always a great idea. One thing to remember is that no one is alone in this journey–even if he or she thinks so. Adult life can sometimes be more satisfying than high school. Like Rutledge said, “It’s nothing like High School Musical!”