Mr. Horst: EHS’s Bill Nye The Science Guy

Mr. Horst: EHSs Bill Nye The Science Guy

Hanna Al-Aloosi, Staff Writer

Most have heard the phrase “When pigs fly” But, how about “When pumpkins explode”?

Last week, however, that is exactly what happened when several science classes formed a half-circle around the Arts and Communications hub for an explosive experiment. Don’t worry, nothing was caught on fire–and no pets humans were injured in this dramatization…just some safe and explosive fun.

The mastermind behind this was EHS’s version of Bill Nye the Science Guy: Mr. Russell Horst. He was able to get teachers and students together to witness the “magic” of using calcium carbide, water, some other “stuff” and a big red button…to make the pumpkin go KABOOM!

“I just want kids to realize that science is fun, too!” Horst enthusiastically exclaims. Well after that experiment, no one would doubt that statement. Students were able to comprehend a complex chemical reaction with ease, as Horst continually tries to make the concepts more tangible. Who knew someone could have such an explosive time learning! What’s next? This week, he demonstrated what can happen to plastic bottles when certain gasses are introduced. Who knows what next week will bring.

Stay tuned to the next episode with Elkhart’s Bill Nye…