Company in Uber-Big Trouble

Company in Uber-Big Trouble

Bianca Morales, Writer

London is kicking Uber out of its streets.

London’s Transport Authority banned Uber, making concerns about the passenger’s safety after the app let drivers fake their identities in over thousands of rides. It has identified a pattern of failures; the authorities think Uber cannot be relied upon in the future. The London City Hall believes Uber is not fit and proper for it to operate in the city. London isn’t the only one who feels that way; Italy, Denmark, and Bulgaria have also banned Uber from their streets. Is it only a matter of time before the same happens in the United States?

However, Uber said it was working on fixing the problems, but it plans to appeal the decision to remove its license. Yet, Uber was making good progress in the last two years until July 2019, when the company was fined for two counts due to its drivers operating without insurance and failing to keep proper records.

After Uber causing so many problems in London, the City Hall should keep it banned. Uber is lacking corporate responsibility. “If I was to have a decision to get rid of Uber, I would’ve banned it, too,” shares Nereida Martinez, 10. “I’d rather be safe and get transportation from a more responsible company!”

   However, it would create fewer transportation options for some, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. The Number One rule should always be “Safety First.”