Right On Track!

Track-or-Treat was a huge success, despite the gloomy weather.


Ava Decker, Staff Writer

Track-or-Treat 2021 was a sweet success.

Approximately 2,200 kids showed up this past gloomy but dry Saturday to venture around the track at Rice Field, filling their bags and jack-o-lantern buckets full of candy in a safe and friendly environment. In all, there were 28 organizations manning tables, each full of lots of candy and eager high schoolers. Between the athletes–every sport from swimming to baseball–the track was full. However, there were a fair share of non-athletic organizations also taking part in  Track-or-Treat. School groups and also parts of the community were represented, including the local police and fire departments, Early College students, Lions Student Athletic Council, Student Government, National Honor Society, and Positively Elkhart County. After a full lap around the track in their incredible costumes, the kids were set for a “candy coma.”

Every table visited had a theme. Cheerleading really showed out with a 101 Dalmatians theme. They had Cruella in the flesh and close to 101 Dalmatians under their three tents. Another great table was Cross Country’s table. They were M&M’s, and their table was dressed to the nines to match their theme. Girls soccer had a small carnival soccer game for them to earn a little extra candy and a fun way to keep them interacting with the kids. Student Government also was very inspirational and enthusiastic with their monster theme; their whole station was alive from their tent’s teeth and eyes to each costume.

In addition, there were many costume competitions. The high schooler who won the costume contest was junior Josie Miller. She dressed as an inflatable dancing hippo, complete with a cute pink tutu and some daring twirls and twists. Not only did she make the Track-or-Treaters happy, but she also spread joy to the people around her. Miller was a part of the volleyball table’s “Zoo” theme, located between the baseball boys’ and girl swimmers’ tables. Miller says, “I enjoyed the kids’ reaction to my costume! They really enjoyed it and wanted to take pictures.” With lots of enthusiasm and encouragement, she finishes saying, “This Track-or-Treat was one I will never forget!”