A Return To “Normal” This Halloween


Jane Gatzemeyer, Staff Writer

Vampires, werewolves, and ghouls,  oh my! It’s the time of the year when people get chills–and not only because it gets colder!

Halloween is one of the best parts of the year. From Freeform’s 31 Nights of Halloween movies to trick-or-treating to dressing up in cool costumes. It’s when anyone can be whatever–or whoever–he or she wants! When it comes to doctors’ opinions on COVID this year, Dr. Fauci, the physician and scientist, has said, “Halloween is a go this year.” Last year, the spooky season may not have been the best or at the top of it’s game, but this year, Halloweeners are dressed and ready to go! 

Much has changed from the last October to this October: People got vaccinated and are more comfortable going out and about to resume their almost regular lives. Some parents may not have been comfortable with their kids going trick-or-treating last year, but since all of the changes since then, millions are ecstatic and ready to go back to having just a fun and scary All Hallows Eve. Some parents might make their children still wear masks while going out on the 31st, but as long as they’re having fun, it shouldn’t matter! 

Elkhart-West sophomore student Shyanne Fulton states, “I have a feeling there will still be an amount of people who will decide to still wear masks. Knowing kids, they might be stubborn, but they will do anything to have a great time trick-or-treating. That includes wearing a mask if they have to.” Will masks ruin costumes?  “I don’t think one thing such as a mask could ruin a whole costume,” Fulton notes. “As long as colors match, there shouldn’t be a problem.”

Kids, teens, and even adults love dressing up and living their favorite movie characters, video game characters, monsters, etc. New popular shows and movies like Squid Games, Marvels Eternals, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings should keep Halloween interesting with new costumes. With Halloween also comes many parties. Some might the guest list down to continue social distancing, but there’s a great chance that many won’t, considering how far America has come since COVID-19 first started. Many people are simply “over it,” when it comes to anything and everything COVID related. People just want to go back to normal.