Adele’s Album “30” Is Three Years In The Making

Adeles Album 30 Is Three Years In The Making

Ava Decker, Staff Writer

The popular British artist Adele is coming out with a new album on November 19. This is Adele’s first album in 6 years almost to the day. Her absence has not been unnoticed Kate York mentions, “It’s been a while sense she has released music and when I Heard her single coming out and then and album next I couldn’t wait to hear it.” Adele is following her usual pattern in her album titles, this next album will be called “30” following her newly released single called, “Easy on me”. Her previous song titles were, “19” “21” and  “25” and now moving right along to “30”. Still in her normal pattern with using her age as the title but it is usually the ages she wrote the album. In this case Adele is 33 right now and her album is “30” the year she refers to as, “The most turbulent period of my life.” 3 Years ago in 2019 She filed for divorce from her husband of 2 years and father of her young son.

Adele compares the music in her new album to, “That friend who, no matter what, checked in on me even though I’d stopped checking in on them, because I was so consumed with my own grief.” The new album is already expected to be amongst the, “Most commercially successful of the year,” a cultural reporter Joe Coscarelli.

York says, “I have always loved Adele so when I heard she was making new music I was thrilled!” This new album doesn’t only have high expectations from her fans. Adele herself also has really high hopes and expectations for herself in this new album. Adele isn’t just an everyday artist she resembles more than just her music, “I love her as a person and what she stands for, body positivity, confidence in yourself to do anything you put your mind to” York enthusiastically adds.  Everyone changes, adjusts, and matures, especially over a 6 year span a lot can change York is, “Looking forward to see how her voice has matured since a lot of her earlier releases.” With a final statement York ends with, “She is so talented and I’m looking forward to she can do!”