Are “Dress Up” Days Still Cool?


Ava Decker, Staff Writer

Are dress up days still cool?

Homecoming week was so exciting! Seeing everyone dressed up for each spirit week made the school have an entirely different feel, it was almost Fun. Most high schoolers wouldn’t generally say they had a “Fun” day of school. But there is a completely different level of energy during spirit week. As a kid and in elementary school, dress up days were always something to look forward to, and were so exciting. As kids grow up sometimes in high school teenagers get sucked into the stress and anxiety of the draining everyday life. A break from the same routine day in and day out is good students. Olivia was enthusiastic when asked if she would do other dress-up days out of nowhere,“Oh heck yeah! I would love that!” She came with id

eas of what we could do. A popular and fun dress up day would be anything but a backpack day, hero vs. villain, country vs. country club. High Schoolers are looking for more than their bland routine, giving the students a fun reason to come to school. Olivia Knepper says, “The Homecoming dress up days could’ve been so much more in-depth.” Not all negative though she adds, “Don’t get me wrong they were really fun! I just think they could’ve been better. Dress up days help show personality, they add lively-ness to the school. It is good for High Schoolers to tap into their creativity and not be stressed about one thing for a change. Dress up days don’t have to have crazy themes, gathered by other students some themes brought up; Nerd day, pajama day, hat day, crazy hair day, throwback day, jersey day, costume day, anything but a backpack the opportunities are endless. After all of this it has become clear that we need more dress up days in high school, randomly.