Putting Tesla to the Test


Irlyn Milfort, Writer

Cars driving themselves and being able to be hooked up to a house sound to be a thing of the future. Well, the future is here and we’re living in it!

The widely known company Tesla has been creating their cars to be completely energy based. The cars are powered by electricity and solar panels rather than gasoline. Tesla cars are not only a suitable choice for the environment, but they are also constantly improving. Tesla has recently created features that increase safety for the driver, as well as drivers on the road, which includes automatic breaking when a pedestrian has walked in front of the car, steering the car away from a possible collision when switching lanes, and many other safety features that would take hours to list. The cost for a Tesla begins at $35,000 (not including the at home charger), but Aliya Statler, 11, believes the cars are a good investment. “They are such convenient cars, and the features can save lives on the road. Plus, David Dobrik has one—so I’m sold!”

Sure, Tesla has created cars that are better for the environment and are safer, but there’s got to be some fun involved. After all, they are cars that seem to be straight out of a movie. A couple fun features that Tesla includes are being able to have karaoke on the screen and having the turn signals flash to the Christmas song Jingle Bells. The cool thing is, once having bought a Tesla, the features are automatically added on to the car, no matter what model or year.

So far, Tesla has four different models of cars, but recently the owner and one of the founders, Elon Musk, has debuted a Tesla pickup truck dubbed the Cybertruck. The truck is a colossal thing and was said to be shatter-proof. Yet, when the Cybertruck was presented, the windows shattered after being struck with a metal ball.

Tesla keeps people intrigued with its constant innovation in road safety and pointless, yet fun, features, but are they trying too hard? Statler offers her input: “The Cybertruck is ugly and not appealing to the eye. On the road seeing that truck, I would have some safety concerns for the driver and drivers on the road.”  The Cybertruck looks nowhere near a regular pickup truck and doesn’t have the same characteristics as a regular truck. The Cybertruck may not be worth its $40,000—and that’s only its starting price!

Whether Tesla will continue to reign as the most technologically advanced car or other cars will start to follow in its tire tracks, the future of cars will continue to be amusement—just like in the movies.