Fear Not: “Dune” Will Premiere Thursday On HBO Max


Kyla Albright, Staff Writer

Fear is the mind killer. But, what may be blowing he minds of Dune fans is its premiere on HBO Max this Thursday–Oct. 21. 

Dune stars Timothée Chalamet and Rebecca Ferguson, as well as many other established actresses and actors. The movie is about a boy who has to travel to another planet so he can make sure his friends and family have a promised future. When things go wrong, those who overcome their fear survive.

Dune is one of my favorite books,” sophomore Matthew Shaefer says about the Frank Herbert novel. While so many books-to-film fail to meet the expectations of their fan base, Shaefer is intrigued enough to at least check this one out. “I tend to like the book version better,” Shaefer explains, “simply because you can add more detail that is difficult to translate into a film counterpart.” Shaefer goes on to say that movies often have gaps in logic that make it difficult when trying to watch the film. He notes that, due to time constraints, directors often have to cut necessary information out of the plotline.

And, with six books in the Dune series, there will definitely be a lot of plot to cover. “I read the first one last year, and I really liked it,” Shaefer explains, “so now I’m reading the second one!” However, Shaefer will not have to worry, as the movie focuses mainly on the first book in the series. Movie or no movie, though, Shaefer says he is going to continue reading the books until he finishes the entire series. 

As with all fans, there is one aspect they look more forward to than any other. For Shaefer, it will be the portrayal of a particular character. “My favorite character from the book is Jessica Atreides, because she is probably the character that undergoes the most and has the most interesting story and character development,” Shaefer explains. The pressure is on for Rebecca Ferguson, who portrays Jessica Atreides. Shaefer hopes that “Lady Jessica” will comes across as he images the mother of Paul Atreides should.

Overall, Matthew Shaefer is excited about the potential for this movie and encourages other fans to watch it–unless, of course, they are afraid of mind killers!