Something Students Can “Bank” On

EHS has an innovate feature: a bank!


Kate Smith, Staff Writer

Tired of making out-of-the-way trips to the bank?

At Elkhart High School, staff and students don’t have to go far–they now have access to a bank on their very own campus. Located near the front of the main building, Lake City Bank has a fully operational branch inside the school which is up and running this year. 

Many people were asking if the branch would function as a “real” bank. The answer to that question is “Yes.” Makenna Smith, senior student and intern at the school’s bank, says, “Our branch, other than the size, is almost exactly the same as any other Lake City Bank branch.” She continues, “We can fulfill almost any of the same requests as the other branches.” One distinctive feature of this branch, however, is a special type of student checking account they offer. As Smith explains, students can open an account without the need of a parent or guardian to be on the account with them. One drawback to these accounts, however, is that they can only be opened in the school branch. 

Another distinguishing feature is the opportunity for student internships. During the school day, interns can often be found assisting bank patrons from behind the counter in the school’s branch. Smith recounts how she began her internship with Lake City Bank. At the end of the last school year, Elkhart High School recommended students for the internship program. “We turned in applications during the last week of school and were selected shortly after that,” Smith said. “The week after school ended, I began training. Each of the students who work in the bank trained in other Lake City Bank branches all summer.” This internship program provides a great opportunity for students to get involved with the community and gain real-life field experience, all while still in school.

Lake City Bank opened this one-of-a-kind branch as part of its 150th anniversary. David M. Findlay, president and Chief Executive Officer of Lake City Bank, notes, “It’s gratifying that we can continue to innovate as a community bank and work with the next generation of team members and customers.”