Which Will It Be? Pumpkin Patches…Or Haunted Houses?

November offers a wide array of activities for all.


Jenny Quintano, Editor-in-Chief

Choose one: Enjoying a delightful time at a pumpkin patch? Or,  experiencing a thrilling time running through a haunted house?

Fall can be as diverse as the changing colors on the trees. There is so much a person can do during this time–watch scary movies, enjoy pumpkin spice everything, or dress up for Halloween. Fall isn’t limited to those who only like horror–or even to those who prefer a soothing moment. 

As for the first, becoming frightened and reveling in the terrors of the night are what some look for during the season. After all, it’s the season to get creative about spookiness–everything from haunted houses, to the rush of serotonin, to the paranormal. Ella Huff, a freshman, says, “I love haunted houses, because I love getting scared!” Haunted houses are horrifically spectacular on their own, but laughing and getting spooked is equally enjoyable. Huff agrees. “It’s a really fun thing to experience with friends.” Scary movies provide another good “jump scare.” Alyson Quirk, a junior, looks forward to this time of year to experience just that. “I love to watch scary movies and Halloween Town.”

However, haunted houses and witches aren’t for everyone. Not everything has to be a spine-chilling activity. Luckily, the season offers those who just prefer a more laid-back experience an enjoyable time. For them, there are pumpkin patches, corn mazes, apple picking, hayrides, or maybe going to a fall festival. The season also abounds with wholesome fall movies and shows. The Hallmark channel never fails in that category! But, some just like to enjoy the nice breeze and listen to the rustling of the leaves falling. Quirk agrees. “I love when the trees turn colors,” she begins. “I think it’s super pretty and filled with all of the activities you can imagine during this time of the year.” Others simply like to light an autumn-scented candle while snuggling up on the couch on a chilly afternoon–complete with a nice, hot cup of coffee or apple cider while reading a favorite book.

Which are most people into more this season?  “I’m more into the spooky fall.” Huff goes on, “ Pumpkin patches are fun, too, but personally I prefer haunted houses.” Meanwhile, Quirk is still undecided. “I like both for some reason. I like to get scared, but at the same time, I love picking the perfect pumpkin.” Apparently, the verdict is still out for them.

For others, which will it be this year? Spooky autumn…or, cozy autumn?