Never In Their Wildest Dreams

Taylor Swift surprises “Swifties” with the expected release on Nov. 19.


Jenny Quintano, Editor-in-Chief

“Say you’ll remember me.” — “Wildest Dreams”  1989

Who could forget that! Taylor Swift is an unforgettable artist–dropping two astonishing albums ( Folklore and Evermore) during the lockdown. Folklore made Taylor Swift the first non-English and female to win the Global Icon Honour. What is a Swiftie’s favorite thing about Swift? Madilyn Makowski, a junior, responds.” My favorite thing about Taylor is how she has stayed successful and strong throughout everything thrown at her during her career.” Mozel Ruvalcaba, a junior, agrees. “[It’s] Taylor’s maturity when it comes to handling harder situations.” Swift knows how to keep her fans on the edge of their seats with all the Easter eggs she’s been dropping lately. Can fans get her clues right? With re-recording albums coming out, what will be the order of “ Taylor’s Version?”

So what does “Taylor’s Version” exactly mean? “Taylor’s Version” is Taylor re-recording her old albums that are owned by Scooter Braun. Scooter Braun controlled all six albums that Swift released in her earlier career. In fact, Swift didn’t have much power to release new re-recordings until her contract was over. Not only did Swift drop her old songs, but she also gave Swifties songs that weren’t released because she wasn’t allowed to. Now Swift will have full ownership and control over the music she drops each album. “I love that Taylor is coming out with re-records because she can finally own her songs and albums,” Makowski states. “It’s a sense of nostalgia…I love listening to my favorite songs for the first time again!” Makowski exclaims. Ruvalcaba also commented: “I think it’s a good way for her music to get passed on through generations.” 

On April 9, 2021, Swift released Fearless ( Taylor’s Version). She had purposely already released three songs from the album as a tease for her fandom. Swift got an optimistic reaction from the audience. 

What is the next album that’s going to be released? With the Easter eggs Swift left on her Instagram post from the Brits, it was obvious to Swifties that it was going to be 1989. Noting some of Swift’s moves from the past, whatever she posts isn’t just a picture or a caption; there is always a deeper meaning. Her caption said, “ I got a list of names and yours is in… glitter gel pen with hearts drawn,” referring to the first ten words from “Blank Space” 1989. On June 18, Swift posted on Instagram that Red will be the next album to be released on Nov. 19. Swifties were flabbergasted by that.

What albums are Swifties excited for? Ruvalcaba responds. “I’m excited for 1989! It brings back a lot of memories listening to those songs on the radio when I was younger.”  Makowski, on the other hand, has another in mind. “I am most excited for Speak Now or Red. Those albums are from my childhood!” she exclaims.

After the announcement about Red being released, Swifties thought they knew what was coming–until Swift released “Wildest Dream” from 1989 on Sept. 17, leaving the audience shocked and more confused than ever. Most of the Swifties think that the only reason she dropped the song was that the song was trending on TikTok. Swift is a very unpredictable person when it comes to her releasing new music; it can be whenever or wherever.

What is to be expected of Swift? Will she release Red earlier or the day she has indicated. Will 1989 be next?