Temperatures Dropping–Just As Quickly As The Leaves


Salah Ali, Staff Writer

There’s that old saying in Indiana: If you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute.

How true!

It has just recently turned to fall, so there is an expected change in weather; However, what happened? Remember that one three-day period where it seemed like it was extremely hot, and then the weather just suddenly turned cold? What has caused this change in weather, what are some takes on the change, and how do people think this will play out? 

During that three-day time period, students got to offer their input on what they think of the weather. Aven Reed, a freshman, summed it up perfectly: “It was pretty bad!” He went to give his reason. “We couldn’t do drill in marching band, and we couldn’t practice any of our stuff,”
Reed says. “And, I also couldn’t walk to school–which [stunk]!” However, not all students are in agreement on that.
Nathaniel Earl, another freshman, is one of them.  “I personally think it is very nice!” 

Regardless of their opinion on it, cold weather is on its way. And, the scientific explanation is more predictable than the weather itself. Cold weather works in primarily two ways: as a region gets closer to winter, the Earth’s tilt (23.5°) causes the region to point away from the sun. Or, there could be just more wind and moisture in the area. In this area, there has been a lot of rain recently along with an increase in wind. Wind works in a specific way as it follows its direction based on the air pressure. Cold air is, most of the time, called high-pressure, and hot air is called low-pressure. When high-pressure moves down to low-pressure, this is what creates wind. It could be that maybe because of all of the hot weather recently that there was more precipitation that was taking place.

Reed and Earl won’t object to the lowering temperatures, as both stated that they prefer cooler, fall-like weather anyway.

The heatwave that was immediately followed by an unprecedented wave of cold weather is over, but the temperature outside is still decreasing. Looking at the weather for the next 7 days, it is safe to say that the 80’s are almost gone. And, it appears as though it’s going to continue to get cooler as it gets closer to winter. But, that’s no surprise.

Those who want to savor the heat may find their last opportunity this Sunday, as the high is expected to reach 81 degrees. Then, Hoosiers can watch the temperatures drop just as quickly as their leaves.