Oh, The Places They’ll Go!

As students prepare to graduate, the Oct. 5 College Fair may be just the ticket to set them on their path.


Salah Ali, Staff Writer

No cotton candy. No ferris wheels. And, no elephant ears. However, this Fair offers information that will make all EHS upperclassmen want to attend.

Look no further than the EHS College Fair! On Tuesday, Oct. 5, Juniors and Seniors will be given the opportunity to scout numerous colleges. There will be admissions officers from a wide variety of colleges and universities at the school for students to ask about their respective campus, some of the classes provided, and other similar topics about the college.

Mrs. Katie Barhydt, ETI counselor, is spearheading this event.  She notes that the fair will be held in the ETI building inside the “fishbowl” (the area in the building surrounded by glass). “As of right now,” she states, “we have 35 colleges and programs coming to represent. Some schools have a college representative,” Barhydt continues, “but also their school of education is sending someone.”

The fair will be from 8:45-10:45 a.m. Concerning the logistics, it will not be an “open” fair where students will just walk around with a lot of people. “The hope is that students will have 20 minutes” to visit their top schools and ask questions. “Students will get a map ahead of time,” Barhydt further explains, “so that they know where specific college representatives will be located. “

To actually partake in the fair, every student is going to need to sign up on Strive Scan. “It will create an account for you where you can put in your demographics, your mailing address…” Barhydt states. “You can put in your GPA…what your intended major is–and it saves all that information.” Then, when a student walks up to the college representative, he or she will have a QR code with the specific information. “Colleges are able to then scan the QR code to contact you later.” Using the information the universities get from the QR code, they can look through to see who they would like to contact.

So, on Oct. 5, here’s how the college fair will actually play out. At 6:45 a.m., students will be texted their QR code–but will only receive them after filling out the information. When it is a student’s turn to meet with his or her intended college(s), a counselor will let the student know that it is his or her time to walk through the Fair.

“You’ll get some time to walk over, some time to walk through, and some time to walk back to class,” Barhydt reassures. Overall, she expects it to be a pretty smooth process–and a very informative experience.