Candles: The Perfect Gift to Light Up One’s Day


Amanya Gonzales, Writer

Sugar cookies. Cinnamon. Wreaths. What do they all have I common? Once every year, all of these can be found scattered about in America’s homes—all for one purpose: Christmas. This year, Central’s selling the gift of joy and laughter, filled with these scents trapped in place inside a candle.

Central’s candle sale is hosted by the Intense Interventions Class. Although a candle seems simple to make, it takes time and patience. Paraprofessional Shari Warlick described it as “a long, but fun, task. It teaches the students vocational skills, reading skills, and math skills.” To simply put it, one just doesn’t pour the wax all willy-nilly: rather, candle makers have to measure and calculate how much wax is needed to fill a candle. These students use their time to focus on precision while practicing math skills, counting the drops of scent to place into each candle.

One of the teachers involved, Mrs. Tracey Weirich, recounts where she got the idea. “I was at Amish Acres craft fair this summer and saw someone selling them,” she began. “So, I just got the idea to sell them!’’ The sale has brought Christmas cheer all around Central! So much so, that when word of the sale got around to a local business owner, it prompted that company to buy 95 of these candles. Despite this gigantic order, there is still time to snag one of these cheery holiday tokens.

Many of the students are enjoying the art of making a candle. This is sure, at least, for Jonny Riblet. “The candles were so much fun to make, but measuring the wax was hard,” he admits. “By far, my favorite smell was our sugar cookie scent.” The time and care that the students of the Intense Intervention Class put into these candles are clearly shown in their works of art.

So, this Christmas, the perfect gift could be found in Central’s own halls.