Yearbook: Where Memories Are Made

Students may purchase their 2021-22 EHS yearbook now.


Kami Bell, Staff Writer

People can’t buy memories; however, they can  buy a book that contains them!

In fact, a yearbook is one of the best ways to look back on the memories made each school year–new friends, new traditions, the ups and downs of the school year, and so much more. And, the Yearbook Staff at Elkhart High School is gearing up to create yet another incredible book, documenting all of the highlights from the 2021-22 school year.

However, students don’t need to wait to purchase one, as sales have already begun. “The easiest way to purchase a book is to just visit and search by school,” suggests Yearbook Adviser Mrs. Amy Stine. “You can search for Elkhart High School–and there we are!” On a cautionary note, Stine adds this: “Just make sure you pick the one in Indiana! Fun fact: There’s an Elkhart High School in Kansas and one in Texas, spelled the exact same way. And, yes,” she explains, “we have had students purchase the wrong yearbook in the past!” 

Stine is feeling very confident about how this year’s EHS book will come out. “I’m excited about it!,” she exclaims. “This is the first time I’ve ever had not one but two class periods for my class, so that’s going to require different strategies in collaboration between the two class periods. But,” she adds, “I think we can get that done during club period by having different people come in to just hash it out and decide what we want to do as far as the theme and things like that.”

She notes that it takes tremendous planning and coordination to assemble a year-long project such as this. “I’m excited and a little bit overwhelmed at the same time,” Stine confesses, “because we have a gigantic staff. But, I am going to make sure that we can use everyone’s talents to their best ability.” This is sounding like a recipe for success with this year’s book! 

Living in the moment, some students don’t see a reason to purchase a yearbook at the start of the year. Unfortunately, these same students often change their mind at the end of the year when it’s too late to purchase one. “Students should purchase a yearbook now!” exclaims staffer Guadalupe Pineda Ramos, a junior. “Looking back, they’ll be able to see all the memories they created this year.”

The yearbook brings people together year after year–and that’s a pretty good bargain for $70!