Some Things In This World Are Free!

EHS offers free breakfasts and lunches to all who are hungry.


Jesus Regalado Santos, Staff Writer

Nothing in this world is free, right?


When it comes to school food, it’s all free—well most of it, anyway. 

This school year, EHS is offering free breakfasts and lunches to all students. As a part of the COVID Relief Plan, the government is footing the bill for all this food. However, there is a limit. The relief plan does not include any of the extra snacks students can purchase, such as the Gatorades, chips, cookies, etc. The downside to government funding the lunches is that it restricts what kind of food can be served. “We try to make it taste good,” Sarah Castleman, Cafeteria Manager, explains.

“The Crispitos are really good!” George Dibley exclaimed excitedly. The sophomore at Elkhart High School adds this: “I really like their Bosco Sticks and the popcorn chicken, too.” However, he has not taken advantage of the breakfast offerings yet.

In fact, many students did not know about the free breakfast offered this year. The first day of school saw only a handful of students wanding curiously into the cafeteria before classes started for the day. As the days go on, however, more and more are taking the opportunity to fill their stomachs before they head out to fill their minds. One student may choose a bowl of Lucky Charms, while another may opt for fruit or a breakfast sandwich. For the hungry, there is something there sure to please.

There also have been changes to the lunch offerings, making it appear more like a food court than a cafeteria. There are a total of five lines, which include the Mid West Grill, Pride Pitstop, the Mane Lane, California Rd., and the Marketplace–all in keeping with the EHS theme. Castleman adds this: “Our end goal is to have different types of food at each line.” She then goes on to say they plan to have foods–such as grilled sandwiches, panini’s, and two flavors of pizza–at the Mid West Grill. The Pride Pitstop and the Mane Lane will have the “district menu,” such as the food served at the elementary schools. California Rd. intends to serve food that is “out of the ordinary.” Some of these foods could be vegetarian or even spicy dishes. And lastly, The Marketplace will continue to serve the different types of fresh salads. Making these menus more appetizing is the trendy decor that makes hanging out in the cafeteria more satisfying.

“There was this girl in front of me in line who forgot her lunch money. She thought they wouldn’t let her get anything, ” a student was overheard telling her friends at a lunch table, “but I told her, ‘Don’t worry. It’s free!'”

It just doesn’t get any better than that…