Doubling Up in Sports


Virtue Nyarko, Editor-in-Chief

Playing a sport with one’s sibling may seem like a recipe for disaster, but for twins Abbey and Julee Miller, it’s a normal and exciting part of life. After playing basketball for nine years and volleyball for six, the two have just finished their high school volleyball career and are now moving on to basketball season for the last ride.

Although many siblings would say that they like the sense of individuality, and playing together on a team would be too difficult or bring out a strong level of competitiveness, the Millers disagree. “We aren’t very competitive with each other, so I think that being with each other makes the sport more fun,” says Abbey Miller, 12.

In terms of the upsides to playing together, both agree that their favorite parts about being teammates is always having a partner in drills and having someone to talk to. However, like anything in the world, there are downsides to competing together, as well. “There is a point where it’s too much time together,” confides Julee Miller, 12. Abbey agreed, but added this: “It’s easy to get mad at each other, and there have been plenty of times when we’ve yelled at each other during practice!”

Despite the minor conflicts, having a sibling to cheer from the sidelines or be an accompanist in sports— as well as in life—can either be a strike or a slam dunk. For these twins, it’s a little bit of both.