Students Gear Up To “Explore The World”

From The Eiffel Tower to The Galapagos Islands, EHS students have myriad opportunities to travel in 2022.

Nathan Munson, Writer-East

Tired of vacationing in Elkhart? Need a change of scenery? Feel the need to travel the world? Why not sign up for one of the many excursions being planned for EHS students during the summer of 2022.

For high schoolers–grades 9-12–going overseas to another country could be a memory of a lifetime!

Taylor Bias, a senior at Elkhart-East, had intended to go to England this past summer, but all travel had to be postponed due to COVID. However, she is still hopeful that she can join in after graduating. “I think that Elkhart has great options for trips and opportunities,” Bias says. “Not many people have life-long memories about trips they took in high school, but almost everyone that goes to this one will!” From Buckingham Palace to Big Ben, Bias wants to see it all. “Not only is it an amazing experience,” she adds, “but you get to do it with your friends.”  Students wanting more information on this trip should contact Mrs. Janis Elli: [email protected]

Want to check out other places in Europe? Prague, Krakow? Berlin? Budapest? The Eastern Europe trip might be just the ticket. Among other sites, students will visit Dachau Concentration Camp and travel the Danube. Breannia Papet, an Elkhart-East freshman, is signed up and ready to go.  “Berlin sounds amazing to me!” she says with excitement in her voice. “I’ve never been out of the county,” she admits, “and I’ve seen and heard that Berlin is a cool place.” Papet concludes, stating, “I do think there are many different things to learn about [all over the world], but I would like to learn about their culture [the most].” Students should contact Mrs. Luann Burlingame for more information: [email protected]

Rather travel with the France and Germany trip to visit the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and Neuschwanstein Castle? Contact Mrs. Susan Fritschi at [email protected]  Or, check out The Galapagos Islands to visit the Charles Darwin Research Station, see a variety of wildlife, and visit the Highland Tortoise Ranch. Mrs. Krista Riblet, organizer, is anxious to dive in to see what the Pacific Ocean holds. “We will get to go snorkeling at The Galapagos Islands and explore the marine life,” she states. Contact her at [email protected] for more information.

These trips cost at most $4,600, but organizers offer a variety of ways to help with funding. Students do not have to pay it all at once, either. They can arrange to make payments every other week, every month, or select another payment option. Despite the cost, Bias feels that it will be worth every penny. “I’ve heard that these trips could really take some stress away for quite some time,” she states. “I hope many others come on trips like these in the future!

Aurora Hester, also a senior at Elkhart-East, wishes all the best as those signed up venture off to where she had once hoped to go. “I was going on the trip,” she sadly notes, “but I ended up deciding not to after the trip was postponed again until next year.” It was a tough decision to make. However, her vacancy creates an opportunity for another lucky student to “explore the world.”