Countries Connected Through COVID

Countries may have their differences; however, there is one thing they all seem to have in common: COVID, says Marijn Plomp of The Netherlands.

May 6, 2021


It’s no secret that COVID is very much still alive; however, Americans tend to forget that it’s not just this country experiencing the unexpected and grueling effects of COVID, but rather, the entire world.

Many remember the sudden good-bye Elkhart High’s foreign exchange students had to say. With these students spread all around the world again, it’s interesting to find that every country is at its own stage in dealing with this pandemic.

Marijn Plomp, a former foreign exchange student, finds that things are quite different on the other side of the world. The Netherlands seems to have placed stricter restrictions on its citizens in order to contain the virus. On this point, Plomp shares her insights: “We had a curfew for a few months, but now that is gone. Restaurants are open,” she adds, “but we can only sit on the terrace. As for other places like the gym,” Plomp goes on to say, “restrictions are still set in place, making them closed.” Compare that to the United States–which has begun to reopen many gyms, restaurants, and even entire malls. However, many of these facilities still require masks, temperature checks, and other safety precautions.

Plomp believes that, as a nation, Americans aren’t handling it too wisely. “I feel like many people don’t take it too seriously,” she notes. “On the other hand, the country is so big and there is a lot going on right now.” Plomp adds an additional disclaimer to her observations. “Furthermore, I didn’t really do my research on what the restrictions are  in the U.S.; so, this is only what I heard and saw on the internet.” But, no matter how skewed these online reports may be, Plomp knows one thing for certain: Life in America now does not resemble what she had experienced as an exchange student.

Leaving for Plomp was not easy, and she admits that it was “an emotional roller coaster.” That being said, The Netherlands and America are both trying to do what is best for their own country. With the pandemic still very much active, it’s important to remember that COVID isn’t just affecting the United States but also the entire world.

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  • G

    GuadalupeMay 18, 2021 at 8:54 pm

    I agree that the whole world is in this pandemic together and we should be considerate about those around us. We still need to wear our masks and use 6 feet distance since there is still many COVID cases still around.

  • C

    Carlos CalzadillaMay 17, 2021 at 5:00 pm

    I like it because it shows that even though they are miles apart, they are still friends.