NHS Induction Welcomes 2022 Seniors

As NHS thanks its current seniors for all of their service to both school and community, it also welcomes in next year’s members.


Amanya Gonzales, Editor-in-Chief

NHS offers more than a spot on a college transcript.

The National Honor Society is an organization seen throughout countless high schools across the U.S. It is composed of students who not only strive for academic excellence, but who are also active members of their community. The organization is based on four pillars: scholarship, character, service, and leadership. These four pillars are considered to be the foundation of a well-rounded individual. Wednesday, April 21, Elkhart High’s National Honor Society welcomed its newest members at its induction ceremony. Among these high-achieving students was Olivia Knepper, a junior at Elkhart-East.

Knepper was chosen among a mass of students to be a part of this organization. She believes that NHS is an organization dedicated to making a positive impact on both individuals and the community. “I think NHS is important because it teaches students–us–to give to others before thinking of themselves.” She stresses, “NHS gives us a chance to give time to those around us and to truly think about not only what we’re doing and why.” Within the county, there are issues waiting to be solved, and around every corner, there is someone in need. NHS allows students, like Knepper, to have the opportunity to help these individuals. In a county so large, people tend to forget that those numbers aren’t just numbers; they’re people.

With this being said, the future is beginning to look adventurous. As the current members of NHS begin to get ready for their impending future outside of high school, the newest members are already at work, beginning to seize the chance to give back to their community. Knepper stresses her excitement over this: “One thing that I am looking forward to in NHS is spending time with my peers and giving back to my community.” She adds, “I am also looking forward to meeting new people and creating a bond with people I may have never met–Covid friendly, of course.”

Although a chapter is ending for many seniors, it is important to carry these pillars not only in one’s academic career but in life, as well. The pillars are the foundations of being a well-rounded individual, and in a world as “exciting” as today’s, it’s important to not lose sight of one’s core values.

Just as one chapter ends and another begins, the induction ceremony closed on this: “To the seniors, thank you for your service. And, to the rising seniors, welcome to the next chapter of your life.”