Baby, It’s Cold Outside!


Bianca Morales, Writer

   This is going to be a chilly one!

Winter of 2019-2020 is going to be one for the record books. Be prepared to shiver and feel the coldness down the spine as the Northern and Upper Midwest are expected to colder than normal. There’s a lot swirling about concerning winter predictions, as meteorologists are busy looking at forecast models, ocean patterns, and past data records to develop the forecast.

   Based upon similar patterns seen in 2014-15, the worst is certainly to come, as December is just around the corner, and the cold is coming with it. January will be the harshest this year with the amount of snow it’s going to produce. All tolled, January and February are expected to receive 78 inches of snow with below zero temperatures. “Winter scares me, because it’s not safe for car drivers like me, “confides Cesar Lopez, 10. “And…it just gets too cold!”

   As the snow falls and the temperatures lower, this is a great chance to stay home and relax. Enjoy time with family and friends, create memories, and appreciate life. Yes, this might be the worst winter, but enjoy it. Ignore the negatives about it and have fun. “I love winter because I love going downtown to see the lights,” shares Paolina Gomez, 10. “It brings me so much joy. I look forward to it every year.”

Regardless of what may come, bundle up and stay safe. Mother Nature is getting ready to dish out a cold, harsh reality for Hoosiers.