Pringles: A Matter of Taste


Jennifer Quintano, Writer-East

Tangy Buffalo Wing, Cheeseburger, and Loaded Baked Potato are three flavors that aren’t commonly associated with potato chips. Yet, Pringles produces these—and many more unique flavors!

Gone are the days of going to the store to select from just one, original flavor. Now, consumers must contend with an entire smorgasbord of them: Cheddar Cheese, Honey Mustard, Screamin’ Dill Pickle, Jalapeño, Sour Cream and Onion, Cheddar Sour Cream, Extra Hot Chile and Lime, Salt and Vinegar, and Barbecue.

But, Pringles didn’t stop there. Pringles decided to think out the box to create some truly unusual flavors: Seaweed, Pecan Pie, Mayo Cheese, Ketchup, Memphis Barbecue, Buffalo Ranch, Ranch, Pizza, and even Mozzarella Sticks and Marinara.

What’s so wrong with staying with the Original? Nothing. But, from a marketing standpoint, Pringles believes it’s time for the taste buds to try some new flavors!

Pizza, Ranch, and Scorchin’ Barbecue (one of their newest flavors) are all chips that Mariah Smith, a junior at Elkhart-East, was willing to sample and review. Starting off with the Pizza, Smith says, “It was actually good! But, it doesn’t taste like an actual pizza—more of cheddar and original Pringles.” That said, she places it to the top of her list for the moment. “It’s one of my new favorites.”

Moving on to Scorchin’ Barbecue, Smith had an entirely different to reaction. “I personally didn’t like it,” she asserts with a look of distaste. “It tasted like straight up barbeque and leaves a tangy taste on the taste buds.” Eager to move on to a new flavor, Smith next tried basic Ranch.  “I’m not the biggest Ranch fan, but this one wasn’t too bad!” She admits. “It has a punch of Ranch good enough not to overpower.” Overall, ranking them from best to worst, Smith places Pizza in first, Ranch in second, and Scorchin’ Barbecue in last.

It would be interesting to see how Smith would have ranked harder to find flavors like Seaweed or Ketchup. Whether these flavors come or go remains to be seen. It’s all a matter of taste.