One of a Kind Color Guard


Bianca Morales, Writer

Rifles, sabers, and flags…Oh my!

Elkhart Central Color Guard is more than just a part of Blazer Brigade marching band. In fact, they have their own competitions, practices, and most importantly, their very own team.

Since September, Guard members have practiced every Tuesday and Wednesday, preparing for not only games—which include the marching band halftime performances—but also to compete against other schools. During practices, members learn not only choreographed dances and routines that require them to use virtually every muscle in their body, but they also learn how to flip, toss, and twirl such objects as flags and rifles without missing a beat. Some routines feature modern dance moves, while others rely on a ballet routine. All, however, require Guard members to memorize each move, step by step, in a synchronized manner. Thus, while they make it look easy when it’s show time, each has had to put in the necessary time, effort, and commitment to make it look that way.

This year, the Color Guard made it to Semi-State and just concluded its last competition this month. “Joining Color Guard is something I definitely don’t regret,” shares Kimberly Villafuerte, 10. “Even after all the practices, games, and competitions, I still believe it was all worth my time.”

Some will now enjoy a long winter’s nap after a hectic competition schedule. Others from the group, however, will gear up for a new season of competition: Winter Guard.