Breaking The Chains Of Electronics

Enjoy the unfettered freedom of the great outdoors by stepping away from the electronics and stepping out into the fresh air.


Nathan Munson, Writer-East

COVID has had a great effect on all—some positively; others negatively. Communication with the outside world has been electronic—SnapChats, Google Meets, or even just texting. Most would say that after this is all over, people need to take a break on electronics and just go outside. But, what is the likelihood of that happening?

The future is now ready for a virus if it ever comes again—or if this COVID stays. During this past year, more than 400,000 people have died from COVID. With places now giving out shots to stop COVID from affecting citizens, the U.S. is on the right path to life with no COVID. Fortunately, there have been no significant side effect with any of the people who received the shot. The minor effects so far have been soreness and pain in the arm after the shot, chills, fever, tiredness, and headache. All these side effects go away in just a couple of days after the shot—a small price to pay to get COVID to go away.

Logan Jellison, a freshman at Elkhart-East, remains optimistic. “I think that with all the research that they have done, the vaccine will work against COVID.” However, he also notes a possible a downside to it: “I feel like the little amount of time that we put into the vaccine may be a problem. Also, we don’t yet know about the long-term effects it may have on us.”

During COVID and all the quarantining happening, many people have spent excessive amounts of time watching TV, on their phones, on the computer, etc. For people who are 18+, the average use of electronics has jumped from 10:09 hours a day in 2019 to 13:28 hours a day in 2020. That extra three hours a day adds up to a whopping 1,095 hours a year! Or, in other terms, that’s 46 solid days more of one’s life spent on electronic devices. “I think everyone should just take a moment and go outside and take some time to enjoy what it’s like outside!” Jellison exclaims.

If one is to make the most out of this life, is it better spent chained to an electronic device or enjoying the unfettered freedom of the great outdoors.