The Answer Is “One For The Books”

While book-to-movie films have great merit, they pale in comparison to their book versions almost every time.


Nerlyn Martinez-Esqueda, Writer-East

Movies or books? Some movies are based on books–The Fault in our Stars, Maze Runner, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, The Hunger Games, etc. But, the question remains: Movies or books?

Most people immediately say moviesWhy read something that may take weeks, when watching it takes two hours, right? Wrong! Most times, the movies don’t even come close to comparing how good the books actually are. 

Granted,  movies can be incredible. But, the experience of reading and watching is entirely different.The details the books have–whether it’s how a character looked, felt, acted, smelled, etc.–makes the storyline so much more intriguing. It makes it feel as if the readers are experiencing the story for themselves. While watching a movie, the little details on characters aren’t spelled out, as they are simply seen–or not even included. Thus, the nuances of their facial features are missing or go unnoticed. Books, on the other hand, allow the imagination to create every wrinkle, every quirk, and even every misplaced hair to one’s own liking–with the help of the author, of course. They keep readers invested and intrigued for days–owning them–while movies end in a few short hours.

 Andrea Arellano,  a sophomore at Elkhart- East, agrees. “I prefer books because it gives more specific details, and it doesn’t seem as rushed as movies.” In the Percy Jackson series, for instance, the plot line between the books and movies are completely different, she notes. Even the concept of wearing the Camp Half-Blood uniforms was left out. But, if fans want to show their love for the book series, they may wear the bright orange t-shirt to a theater showing. Those who have not read the series would have no idea what they mean, but it would speak volumes to those who have read the books.

Movies may bevery entertaining to watch, but when answering the question of Movies or books?, books win by a long shot. End of story!