EHS Newsmagazine wants you to join in the fun next fall by joining its staff!


Elkhart High School’s Newsmagazine is looking for students (grades 10-12) from both East and West campuses to join its staff next fall. It’s an amazing class that allows students to explore their journalistic writing talents and develop other skills, such as using PhotoShop and InDesign.

Newsmagazine is also hoping to incorporate more podcast-type coverage, as well as video clip reporting. What we can’t teach, we hope to learn from you. Thus, it welcomes all the talent and know-how that you can offer!
You do not have to be a part of the Arts & Communications pathway to get in on this fun. You just have to have the desire to have fun and earn credit at the same time!
To sign up, just let your counselor know–even if you have already scheduled with him or her.
Or, contact Mrs. Leslie Smith at [email protected]
Hope to see you there in the fall!
Mrs. Smith
Newsmagazine adviser