COVID Leaves Students Feeling Cold Over Winter Break


Amanya Gonzales, Editor-in-Chief

Unlike past winter breaks, many found themselves locked inside their homes for the two weeks off. The break is now officially over; however, in-person school does not start until next week. Thus, many are still at home feeling a little disheartened and depressed, as most found themselves without alone–without family or friends.

Sharlyn Islas, an Elkhart-East junior, describes her vacation as” boring and long.” Without family or friends around to participate in festivities, some traditions were canceled altogether or done via Zoom. Islas, goes on to recount her experience: “It seems like complaining, but it was pretty depressing this year. I couldn’t see family and friends so I was kind of lonely. On Christmas Day and New Years,” she adds, “my family usually has parties. This year we just counted down and said ‘Happy New Year’…then we all went to bed.” This break was not the happiest time of the year for many, including Islas.

Despite this, staying inside and limiting one’s exposure to different people in the grand scheme of things is a relatively small sacrifice. Instead of partying and seeing countless people, those who acted responsibly and stayed inside potentially saved the lives of these other people, as well as themselves. Islas agrees. “It is sad and depressing at times, but the alternative is death for some. To be selfish, in this case, is deadly and beyond wrong.” Going on, Islas says, “I saw people going on vacations and coming back to see all their friends and family. It’s hard to believe that some are still not taking this seriously. Even though it sucks,” she concludes, “I know that eventually, things will get better.”

This year many are welcoming a new chapter to their lives and planning ahead for great things. However, it is important to remember that COVID is NOT a thing of the past just yet. This year, it is crucial to remain safe–not just for oneself, but for families and friends, as well.

Although 2020 saw many broken families, it also brought out many valuable lessons and eye-opening moments for all. This year may bring the same.