Life Is An Adventure…So, Take One!

Although traveling is limited at the moment, a change of scenery is essential to all.


Jennifer Quintano, Writer-East

Let’s go on an adventure!

Traveling is such a spontaneous thing to do. Whether it’s getting out of the country, traveling to different states, or even visiting small cities. It can give a new perspective on how to view the world.

Traveling lets people disconnect from their daily routines and engage in new and more exciting alternatives. For example, try parasailing, skydiving, or just taking a hike. It can create new memories with family and friends. However, not all traveling has to be with family and friends; some go by themselves to discover who they are. Traveling can also be a good time to let go of stress–to be free, calm, and live life confidently. It provides the opportunity to try new foods–and maybe even learn about different cultures. Another huge plus to traveling is admiring the environment, architecture, and the landscapes. For instance, some visit famous sightings like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Colosseum in Rome, or Empire State Building in New York. 

While some people find it a breeze to pack a bag and take off, traveling can be a struggle for others. Sometimes it is more of a complicated journey to get to a particular destination. Even so, with the right mindset, traveling makes life amusing and more interesting. Choosing the right time is also important. Traveling to Florida during the summer can be extremely hot, while waiting until winter could be a welcomed break from the Indiana snow.

Regardless of whether traveling for Christmas break, spring break, fall break, summer break, or just a quick getaway, a change of scenery is essential to one’s mental health. Exploring new places can generate positive energy and a type of exhilarating rush. If big cities aren’t big hits in someone’s book, it doesn’t mean traveling isn’t for them. Even if it’s a small town, there is so much that these places can offer that bigger cities just cannot do. Look at it this way: At least there won’t be huge traffic issues to get places, and it will provide that down-home vibe. Indiana and Michigan are full of towns that fit this bill. Or, explore a place that feels more exotic.

Sarah Fisher, a sophomore at Elkhart-East, shared memories of her favorite vacation with her family in Jamaica. “They have warm beaches, which was amazing!” she fondly recalls. “They have a fascinating culture, which was interesting to learn about.” And, what did she learn? “Pineapple and coconut smoothies were my favorite drink over there–and might be my favorite thing in general!” As if taken back to that time, she adds, “They had songs playing all around and all the time. Also, at night, people were always dancing.” These memories will sustain surely Fisher until her next great adventure.

So whether it’s going to France, New York, or just down in Indianapolis, it’s good to go out there and live life adventurously.