Finding The Right Pathway In Life

Students should embrace the opportunity to explore schools of study, not fear them.

Finding The Right Pathway In Life

Amanya Gonzales, Editor-in-Chief

This semester, many have found themselves choosing their pathway for next year. Although it may seem terrifying, it is crucial to keep an open mind to both change and new ideas. The schools of study are intended to offer students the choice of following what inspires and motivates them to learn and grow. Countless students, however, find themselves worried about their upcoming future and what these schools of study will entail.

The schools of study are six branches: the Freshman Division; Engineering, Technology, and Innovation; Arts and Communication; Business and International School; Human Services; Health and Public Safety; and Natural Resources.

Each school will provide all core classes, but as Mrs. Berheide states, “The core classes will be taught with the flavor or twist of each school of study.” The schools of study focus on particular areas that will prepare students for their life beyond high school. Essentially, the goal is to provide access to learning-based material that focuses on their interests or strengths.

With this being said, Mrs. Berheide notes that “students would be allowed to change schools of study if they choose, as long as there is room in the new school of study.  It is important for students to know that all classes will be available to all students regardless of the school of study the course is in.” So, in case one just happens to be that unlucky person who just can’t seem to fit in, fear no more! There is a possibility for change. When deciding what school to attend, it is important to make sure it fits all of one’s needs and desires. Berheide adds, “I encourage students to choose their school of study by thinking about types of careers they are interested in.  Students should do a little research before they choose their school of study.  Think about your likes and dislikes before you choose.”

 With high hopes, Mrs. Berheide believes that “the school of study model engages all students in their education.  Hopefully, students will enjoy school more and look forward to attending.” She goes on to add,  “I also hope that our students are better prepared for the next stage of their lives–whether that be college, technical training, or the work world.”

In the end, one must be willing to accept these changes with an open mind and heart. Although change is often scary, it is necessary in order to keep progressing.